About Us

Nestled in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California.  Atomic Mission Gear (AMG) is the prodigy of its parent company AMF Research. For nearly 20 years, the brain child of AMF had been lying dormant, and un-noticed until August of 2018, when AMG made its first debut to the world at Highsnobiety @ Project Show in Las Vegas.


Like its ancestors, the DNA of AMG came from a family of experts in specialized field such as Tactical, industrial, and Sport market space.


AMF has been leading brand in Tactical Gear and equipment. Developing and manufacturing industrial and military grade gear for various operators, from the Special Forces to the NFL and NASA.  With experienced technical design in our team creates the most functional and durable equipment and gear usually reserved for saving lives, AMG now, has expanded its boundaries to the design and manufacturing of carriers and apparel for the urban elite lifestyle.


AMG products are divided into 3 market tiers: Base, Core and Lux. Each tier of the product line has a sequence characterized as functional, practical and durable gear.


Embedded in every AMG product, besides it’s urban and tactical styling, the function and feel of the product are incomparable by any brand in the streetwear and lifestyle world.


Stylish, Tough, Uni-sex design, and most of all, Functional in time of need are all the key elements which energizes the brand from its very core.